Chairman Profile

Chairman Profile

Brief Profile of CA. K. Jalapathi, Chairman, SIRC of ICAI (2021-2022)

Hails from a humble background of family of agriculturist in Kolathur, Salem District.

Qualified as Chartered Accountant in May 2004 and since then practicing at Coimbatore

Served in Coimbatore Branch of SIRC of ICAI:

He has been serving to the Chartered Accountants professional fraternity of Coimbatore Branch of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India since 2007 in various capacities and he was the Chairman of Coimbatore Branch for the year 2012-13.

Regional Council of SIRC of ICAI:

He got elected to the Southern India Regional Council of ICAI for the terms 2016-19 and 2019 -22 with highest number of votes in Tamil Nadu.

Leading the Committee as Chairman of the following Committees of SIRC of ICAI:

He was instrumental and closely co-ordinated with the Government of Tamil Nadu for signing of Memorandum of Understanding in the year 2018 between ICAI and the Government of Tamil Nadu to provide Career Counseling to students of Government Schools which is first of its kind in India.

He is presently the Chairman of the Southern India Regional Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

As Chairman of the Career Counselling Committee of SIRC of ICAI conducting, in co-ordination with ICAI and the Government of Tamil Nadu, to create awareness about the CA Course to thestudents studying in Government and Government-aided Schools covering around 1,00,000 students and training over 2,500 teachers


  • His life is by itself an example for the financially challenged students to aim big and realize the goal to pursue higher levels of education and attain higher levels in life.
  • Passion to profession and mission to serve the society attributes his position to the two letter word “CA”.
  • His mantra for everyone and especially for the aspirants to become Chartered Accountant is “HardWork and Perseverance” to achieve and accomplish in life.

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