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    ICAI Bhawan,122, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600 034. Tamil Nadu, India.

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    09.30 A.M to 06:00 P.M / Monday to Friday

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Telephone Numbers, Intercom Numbers And Email Ids Of Office, Regional Head & Departments Of Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of India, Chennai Office



ICAI's Members and Student services have been made online, in digitized form on a new platform which works on a Self Service Mode on the Self Service portal (SSP). Application forms are available online.

ICAI Call Sahayata

ICAI Call Sahayata is now available at 99975 99975 between 9AM to 9PM (Monday to Saturday) except Gazetted Holidays.
Kindly use email ID : ssp.helpdesk[at]icai[dot]in for further queries and login issues and we shall get back soon.

The Institute has hosted the following User Manuals and Videos at ICAI Website at

ICAI SSP User Manual & Videos

Direct Link for all SSP Videos Related to Student

Direct Link for all SSP Videos Related to Articles

Direct Link for all SSP Videos Related to Members

If you still need any assisance, kindly contact the following officials

Direct Link for all SSP Videos Related to Articles

Direct Link for all SSP Videos Related to Members
If you still need any assistance, kindly contact officer of the ICAI in Southern Region as per the following details:

EPABX: 044 - 39893989 (10 lines)
Office Timings: 09.30 A.M to 06:00 P.M
S.No. Name of Employee Designation Task Allocated / Performed Email ID
1 Mr.S.Sabarigreesan Deputy Secretary SRO HEAD sabari[at]icai[dot]in


S.No. Name of Employee Designation Task Allocated / Performed Email ID
2 Mrs. R. Sheeba Junior Faculty (Gr EO) HRD - In charge sheeba[at]icai[dot]in
3 Mrs.J Azeezunissa Data Entry operator (Gr. Assistant) HRD - All matters relating to Administration and Infrastructure azeez[at]icai[dot]in


4 CA. T. Padma Shankar Assistant Secretary Accounts - DCO & SIRC padmashankar.t[at]icai[dot]in
5 Mrs H. Vanitha Data Entry operator (Gr. UDC) DCO - Accounts h.vanitha[at]icai[dot]in


6 Mrs.Sangeetha Jaganathan Deputy Secretary Digitization of Members, firms & Articles, SSP Ticketing, Certificate Courses Sangeetha.jaganathan[at]icai[dot]in
7 Mrs. N. Yasmeen Junior Faculty (Gr. E.O.) All queries and matters related to Members and Firms yasmeen.thanveer[at]icai[dot]in
8 Mrs V. Ambika Data Entry operator (Gr. Assistant) Members SSP Ticketing & KYM ambika[at]icai[dot]in


9 Mrs. K.J. Nydin Assistant Secretary In charge of Articles Section - Articleship Registration nydin[at]icai[dot]in
10 Mrs.R Deepalakshmi Junior Faculty (Gr EO) Articles Re-Registration, Industrial Training Registration & Completion, Refund of Articles Various forms Deepalakshmi.ramakrishnan[at]icai[dot]in
11 Mrs. S. Kalaivani Data Entry operator (Gr. Assistant) Supplementary Deed, Articles Completion, and Other Engagements kalai[at]icai[dot]in
12 Mrs. N. Reshma Begum Data Entry operator (Gr. UDC) Articles Termination, Forms 110,111,120 reshma.begum[at]icai[dot]in


13 Mr. S. Vimal Raj Lab Assistant All IT functions of SRO & SIRC, Firms - SSP Ticketing, DAAB Courses, ISA vimal[at]icai[dot]in

(CPE Programmes, Advanced-ICITSS-MCS, Coaching classes and Library)

Helplines for Coaching classes: Intermediate: 8220522669 Final: 7358506400 Foundation: 9677126011 Helpline for Orientation Course 9962266650 - GMCS: 044-30210323 Helpline for ITT and AITT: 044-30210378

14 Mr. S Ravichandran Assistant Secretary SIRC INCHARGE ravichandrans[at]icai[dot]in
15 Mr. A. Rahman Ali Assistant Secretary CPE Events/Activities. CPE Conference/ Seminar / Program and Credit Hours related queries and MCS rahman[at]icai[dot]in
16 Mrs. B. Yamuna G.C Assistant Librarian (Gr. SO) Library Services and SIRC Newsletter yamuna[at]icai[dot]in
17 Mr. N. Ramakrishnan Data Entry operator (Gr. Assistant) SIRC Branches Coordination, ITT and AITT ramakrishnan[at]icai[dot]in
18 CA. R. Vijayalakshmi Dean (Consultant) Coaching Classes, SICASA Career Counselling sircdean[at]icai[dot]in