Forthcoming Programmes

Forthcoming programmes from SIRC of ICAI

Date Time CPE Structured Hours Topic & Speaker Fees
14-Jun-2021 05:00pm 3 hrs Taxation of HUF, Audit of Cooperative banks and opportunities & An insight into taxation of co-operative societies
-CA. Shardul Shah,Mumbai, CA. Shashank Patki, Pune, CA. Shajan T. T. ,Thrissur
Rs. 118
15-Jun-2021 05:00pm 2 hrs Drafting of WILL and Tax Planning aspects
-CA. Govind Agarwal, Indore
Rs. 118
16-Jun-2021 05:00pm 3 hrs Professional Opportunities for Young Chartered Accountants
-CA. Atul Satya Koushik, Mumbai
Rs. 118
17-Jun-2021 05:00pm 2 hrs "India entry Services - an offering by CA firms"
-CA. Guru Prasad Makam, Bengaluru & CA. Srilaxmi P, Bengaluru
18-Jun-2021 05:00pm 2 hrs Economic and Commercial Laws-Trade Related Intellectual Property rights (TRIPS)
-CS. Vivek Sharma, New Delhi
22-Jun-2021 05:00pm 3 hrs Withholding taxes under section 195 of the Income Tax Act 1961
-CA. Shailendra Sharma, Mumbai
Rs. 236
23-Jun-2021 05:00pm 2 hrs Data Analytics for Business Using MS Excel
-CA. Deepak Kumar, Chennai
Rs. 118
24-Jun-2021 05:00pm 3 hrs IT Security - Fundamentals of vulnerability assessment
-CA. Deephika S, Chennai
Rs. 118
25-Jun-2021 05:00pm 2 hrs Direct Taxes landscape for the media and entertainment industry including emerging issues
-CA. Prashant Bhojwani, Mumbai
Rs. 118